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Free your voice and unblock your throat chakra in one month with light language 

Free Your Voice and Express Your True Authentic Soul Self 

A 1 month portal to release throat chakra blockages and learn how to channel light language, allowing you to express your truest authentic self through your vocalisation. 

Create your new reality through your sacred speech!


Vocal Alchemy is so much more than learning how to channel light language... it is coming home to reconnecting with your true inner child nature and grounding your souls energy into your reality to embody who you are really here to be through vocal expression! 

When we allow spirit to sing through us, and let go of expectations, we allow our true soul song to come through and release the blockages that are holding us back from speaking our TRUTH. 

Being able to speak our hearts true emotions and feelings, allows us to alchemize denser energy stored in the body, allowing more light, love, joy, bliss and abundance to shine through! 

And ultimately, if you are a vocalist... it will transform your voice and performance

This is not your typical vocal course... 

Imagine within 1 month...


Being able to communicate from your heart space and channel vocals from your higher self that allow you to bring through light codes to transform your life... 

Being able to share your true desires and needs with your loved ones without fear of rejection, or abandonment... 

Being able to connect with a group of like minded souls who are on the journey back to being who they came here to be... 

Being able to sing and speak in front of groups of people with confidence, ease and grace... 

Being able to trust in your souls path and know that everything that is unfolding in your life is for your highest good... 

And opening your Devine light channel to your higher self...



Lifetime Access to Vocal Alchemy Library - Valued at $555+

This is a collection of modules on vocal channeling, from vocal exercises to energy healing practices, meditations to open your throat chakra and more... this is the foundation of everything I am as a light language vocalist and you get unlimited access to receive the benefits of this work! Every time I update something, you will have continued access to ensure that as I grow and expand in learning more, so do you! 


1 Month of Group Coaching Online - Valued at $555

We are able to shift through so much when we do it together! Vocal Alchemy includes 4 group calls as well as a group whats app chat where we get to share our experiences and encourage one another as we step into our truth and highest alignment! 

Our calls will be based on sharing our experiences and asking questions after being led through a collective meditation to open our vocal channels... 


Lifetime Access to the Community Hub - Valued at $555+

The support will be there for a lifetime! Connect with those that you participated in the course with you and gain access to community connection through Vocal Alchemy! If you ever have any questions, or need additional support to integrate the teachings, this is where you will get the answers you need from myself and everyone else who has experienced the magic of Vocal Alchemy! Once you sign up, you will be welcomed to join the online portal and have access to the course material by March 2024 in preparation for April's live calls! 



Take a Peak inside the Onine Vocal Alchemy Portal

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Vocal Alchemy.png

Free Your Voice - 1 Month Vocal Alchemy Portal 

Total Course Value: $1,665  Regular: $555

Now Only $444

There are only 22 spots available and pre-sale ends on February 29th! * See course dates below *


Click "Join Vocal Alchemy" to reserve your spot...

April Course Dates 


6:30PM-8:00PM EST

Intro to Vocal Alchemy,  opening circle intention setting and how to navigate the online course material


6:30-8:00PM EST

Guided Meditation and throat chakra clearing exercise to express and expand vocally from our cosmic hearts 


6:30PM-8:00PM EST

Guided Meditation to connect with the soul star and bring in light codes to heal the body and clear blockages 


6:30PM-8:00PM EST

Guided Meditation and closing circle, sharing our experiences, reflection and next steps! 

Expanding Possibilities... 

Are you wanting to expand into your artistry as a light language vocal channeler?

Perform for sound healings or other high vibrational music? 

Vocalise with sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls, hand-pan, native drum and even didgeridoo? 

Hold a healing container for clients where your voice will be a liberation tool?

Activate clients DNA to shift and create new realities?

Expand your confidence to perform vocals in front of audiences?

Integrate light language with your current modalities you use with your clients?

Then the 3 Month Vocal Alchemy Portal is

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