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Total Course Value: $1,388 , regular price: $555

Now Only $333

There are only 11 spots available and registration ends on January 31st! Click "Join Vocal Alchemy" to reserve your spot with your FREE 1:1 Private Session included... 


6:30PM-8:00PM EST

Intro to Vocal Alchemy,  opening circle intention setting and how to navigate the online course material


6:30-8:00PM EST

Guided Meditation and throat chakra clearing exercise to express and expand vocally from our cosmic hearts 


6:30PM-8:00PM EST

Guided Meditation to connect with the soul star and bring in light codes to heal the body and clear blockages 


6:30PM-8:00PM EST

Guided Meditation and closing circle, sharing our experiences, reflection and next steps! 

February Course Dates 

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