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What is Light Language?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

What is Light Language?

Light Language is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and our bodies DNA. Light Language is a form of communication through vocal sound vibration that bypasses the intellectual understanding of the mind. In essence, Light Language communicates much more information than a structured language because it is vibrationally transmitting information from a higher dimension (higher consciousness).

The best way to understand Light Language is to first understand tonal and vibrational communication. Have you ever walked into a room where two people are arguing and felt the tension or energetic disharmony? Even if you didn't hear the conversation, as soon as you walk into the room your cells are able to pick up subtle energies (frequency) to communicate to your brain that something may be wrong. For example, when you see a mother communicating to her children in a language that you do not speak, you can usually understand what is being said through body language, tone, dialect and pitch of the words that are coming from the mother. This is vibrational communication.

Light Language is a form of vibrational communication however it is transmuting higher frequencies of light instead of denser energies such as those felt in a confrontation. Similar to any language, Light Language utilizes different sounds, tones and pitches to transmute energy and information from higher dimensions. Though you may not be able to intellectually understand what is being heard, the cells in your body are receiving the Light Language messages through vibrational communication.

It is important when receiving Light Language to quiet the mind and not attempt to intellectually interpret the transmission but to allow yourself to feel and accept that whatever you hear is for your highest good. Remember that your cells are able to receive the information in Light Language through vibrational communication (frequency) and they do not need to understand their direct meaning for natural healing to occur.

How does Light Language serve us?

Light Language brings through information from higher dimensional frequencies into this third dimensional plane. The purpose of Light Language is to raise our frequency and assist our brain in entering the Gamma state. Energy from the higher realms has the ability to heal and transmute denser blockages that are held in the bodies physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. Therefore, vocal channelers of Light Language can bring through "light codes" to assist in healing and transmuting these blockages. Light Language can also assist in activating dormant gifts, connecting to our innate wisdom, intuition and soul purpose in this lifetime.

Light Codes are used to transmute and activate energy within the bodies DNA. They are packaged codes with frequency information from higher realms for vibrational healing. As the entire Universe is composed of vibration, frequency and light, frequencies from higher planes that are in light form can be compressed into denser wave forms (light codes) that result in vocalized sounds that will have a healing effect. Light Codes can be used for a variety of healing properties that are specific to the individual receiving them.

When a Vocal Channeler utilizes Light Language to bring through Light Codes, this information directed with intention at themselves or their clients will receive the activating coded information to heal and transmute energy that no longer serves their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system. This is a revolutionary alternative form of healing as it can be used very specifically for the individual receiving the codes that will allow for natural healing of the body to occur.

Just as an uplifting song that you know and love will put you in a better mood, Light Codes channeled via Light Language with the intention to have a healing effect will have a positive impact on the body. Frequency is energy and light energy will boost your frequency and vibration!

This is why for thousands of years spiritual groups have utilised chanting, mantra and group singing to congregate in spiritual practice. The tones and sounds that have been utilized by these groups all over the world have been studied by scientists as they recognize their healing effects. Music is medicine!

Who can communicate in Light Language?

Those that communicate in Light Language are called Vocal Channelers. Anyone that is tapped into the energy of a higher frequency can channel Light Language. This is a skill that can be learned and is not inherent, though some may find it easier than others. We each have a purpose as a Soul and those who's purpose it is to channel energy from higher dimensions will find it easier to open themselves and allow for the energy to be communicated through Light Language.

Meditation, breath-work and somatic embodiment practices will allow your energetic channels to open and begin to receive more energy from higher planes of consciousness. Therefore, Vocal Channelers often have a daily practice that incorporates connecting to source and transmitting the Light Codes through Light Language.

It should be recognized however, that as we are all part of the Devine creator, we are always channeling. Every action we take is a way of flowing the energy of life that wishes to come through us. Light Language is another form of this energy and once you open yourself to it, it's flow will increase in your life. If you wish to learn how to vocal channel Light Language, please reach out to me via e-mail at

Forms of Light Language

Light Language can be expressed in many forms and often is associated with the DNA lineage of the Vocal Channeler. The most recent ancestry in a Vocal Channelers heritage will often be the first tones heard and expressed through their Light Language. This is why some Vocal Channelers will sound as if they are speaking the same Light Language as others due to their similar ancestral backgrounds.

As our DNA carries so much information, every lifetime and lineage we have ever experienced is encoded within its structure. As the Vocal Channeler raises their vibration and opens to higher dimensions of consciousness, different tones and sounds, such as overtones, will be accessible for the Vocal Channeler to vocalize in their transmissions.

Light Language in any form is brought through a channel of light connected to the Crown Chakra and charged within the Heart Chakra where it is then expressed through the Throat Chakra. The intention of the Light Language transmission is felt through the Heart Chakra and Light Codes are brought in through the Crown Chakra to be amplified by the Throat Chakra resulting in healing, activation, and unlocking dormant codes within the DNA structure.


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