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Sonic Journey Concerts and Ecstatic Dance


SOUL SOUND is a group of multi-talented musicians that perform sonic journeys, sound baths and dance journeys for health and wellness events across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) 


Margo Free

Sound Healing Facilitator

Vocal Channeller

Music Producer



Luc Dupuis

Sound Healing Facilitator


Handpan Maker @peacepans


Chris Bouilianne


Honour's Graduate from Mohawk College in Applied Music



Nick Chomyshyn


Resonance Technician


Let’s Work Together

SOUL SOUND provides a multitude of offerings such as sonic journey concerts, sound baths and dance music to suite your events needs! Tell us more about your vision, the number of people attending your event and the duration of time you would like music to be played. If you have a date in mind, please include this in your inquiry. I look forward to discussing how we can create a unique musical experience for you! 

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Thank you for your booking inquiry! I will be in touch soon!


What is a Sonic Journey?

Our music during our sound baths began to morf into a more musical experience. Luc and I (founders of SOUL SOUND) realized that we were beginning to channel songs during our sound baths and that what we were creating was much more than a traditional sound bath experience. Our clients also kept sharing that at times they wish they were sitting up and watching us play! Thus we birthed "Sonic Journey" which still holds the elements of a traditional sound bath but incorporates actual melodic songs to journey through, making it a much more interactive experience. Our audience is encouraged to watch and enjoy the performance while tuning into their bodies and shifting their energetic state within. We offer performances at private events, please send us an email to inquire and we will be in touch! 


What is an Ecstatic Dance?

An ecstatic dance is when the dancers allow themselves to be taken by the music and intuitively move to the rhythms allowing for healing, inner connection and transformation to occur. As a band, SOUL SOUND offers music for ecstatic dance and health and wellness events that aim to create a safe container where participants can freely express themselves through movement. We offer facilitation in this process and can conclude our performance with a sound bath meditation should you wish. Our music is performed in 432Hz for optimized sound healing benefits. This frequency will realign the mental, physical and emotional bodies allowing for optimal natural healing to occur. Our instrumentation includes drums, electric guitar, synth, vocals, bass, bansuri flute, handpan, didgeridoo, electronic soundscapes, chimes, crystal singing bowls and more! Please send us an email to inquire below and we will be in touch!

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