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Welcome Free Soul to exploring my most sacred container "Vocal Alchemy" where I hold space for you to discover and unlock the true gift of your voice!


Whether this journey be for healing your throat chakra and energy blockages, or shining your light to others with light language channeling, I am here to support your journey as best as I can.


We are here to express ourselves fully in life to activate one another and awaken our expansion into higher love within.. let the song begin! 




Click on the offerings below and discover which resonates best for your journey!

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If you are ready to unblock your throat chakra and express your most authentic voice by releasing the stories of the past, then the one month Vocal Alchemy Portal is for YOU!

April 2nd, 2024 


If you are a sound healing or energy healing practitioner that wants to channel light language with your offerings for the benefit of all, then the 3 month Vocal Alchemy portal is for YOU!

April 2nd, 2024


If you are wanting to learn how to perform with electronic soundscapes, record and produce your own  activations and music, then this 1:1 program is for YOU!

June 1, 2024

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