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Welcome Free Soul, I'm 

Grateful to be connected! 

I am Margo Free, the creator of Vocal Alchemy, an online and in person light language course to teach you how to open your energy centres and unblock your throat chakra to express freely, allowing you to be your fully expressed most authentic self in your every day life! 

I am a certified energy healing facilitator specialising in healing with sound frequency and movement. My focus on vocal expansion for over 20 years has allowed me to develop a method of aligning with the resonance within your body to release emotional blockages, and expand consciousness. I am passionate about sharing this work with my students in my Vocal Alchemy for Sound Healing Practioners course where I teach channeling light language for larger groups and clients, bringing through higher frequency light code information for the facilitation of those on their healing journey.


I produce my own electronic music, and am a performing vocal channeller for health and wellness events and festivals. I tutor students 1:1 online, coaching how to create sonic journey experiences with Ableton live, perform with soundscapes for sound healing journey's, and record their own music. 


Check out my events and newly released music, I look forward to connecting with you! 

I am here to be of service in... 

Facilitating healing containers of sound frequency to allow you to open to more light, love, joy and higher consciousness...

Facilitating Vocal Alchemy to assist those that are ready to embrace expressing their highest authentic selves through opening to light language, bringing through higher wisdom from their soul selves...

Teaching 1:1 to those that would like to learn what I do and amplify this work out into the world... 

Performing light language on stage to activate, awaken and inspire those that are ready to follow the path home... 

Produce and record music that brings through light codes from source, higher dimensional frequencies of light to bring greater consciousness into our world...

Being a reflection of love for all to remember who they really are! 

My Story

I began sining at the age of 8 in Church choir and my parents quickly decided to enrol me in Opera singing lessons after my choir director recommended training given the range of my voice 

I was quite a cheeky child, and did not enjoy the serious nature of studying operatic techniques (though I am grateful for them today!) and within a few years, I had decided not to pursue professional opera. 

In high school I loved choir, but the direction of my studied was focused on science and engineering as my parents were both in these fields and I did not believe that a career in the arts would be acceptable as a life path... go figure! 

After completing a degree in Environmental Biology from Queens Unversity in Kingston ON, I was completely burnt out. I had pushed myself to excel in a direction that I was not aligned with within my heart. I suffered from depression and found myself at my lowest point when I fled an abusive relationship by staying at a women's shelter for several weeks. 

During this time, I had my "spiritual awakening" or at least, the beginning of it as there are many layers, and always more to go! I knew that there had to be more to my life than being depressed, feeling unsafe, unworthy and completely alone. 

I lived north of Kingston for a year and spent a lot of time in nature. This was just the healing I needed, and low and behold, singing to the trees brought me back to life. Every time I would meditate, the only message spirit had for me was, "SING!"

My favourite band during this chapter of life was Led Zeppelin, and I had no doubt that I was born to perform rock and roll. I had the belting voice of Janice Joplin and Heart, and decided to create a rock band. This was an extrememly important chapter as I learned how to express myself completely on stage and create music that helped me process everything I had been through in my abusive relationship. 

This of course was not what spirit had in mind for me, and my entire life in Kingston came to an abrupt ending when the band broke up and the restaurant I was working at was laying off staff for the winter season. 

I decided to move to Toronto and purse music there. Little did I know, that spirit would continue to trick me into going where it really knew my gifts were needed! 

I only lived in Toronto for about 6 months, every pursuit of rock and roll ended in complete misery, as it does when you are not in alignment with source. 

I booked a trip to Australia after joining an MLM believing that this would be my financial solution to travel and pursue music. This was the trip of a lifetime. I had planned to be there for only 3 months and ended up living there for an entire year. During my time there, I met musicians from every background you could possibly imagine, sound healing included! 

The house I lived in for most of my time there had a resident sound healer, and an elctronic music producer, and for the first time I could see more clearly where I was going with music. 

I forgot to mention, that right before leaving for Australia is when I met the ecstatic dance community in Toronto, an experience that completely changed my life and really did open the floodgates for what spirit would show me in Australia! 

After going through immense healing in Australia for a year, and struggling financially living in a car on the beach while busking the streets of Byron Bay to make ends meet, I was ready to return home to Canada. 

After being with my parents for 3 weeks, the world locked down due to COVID-19 and I again found myself in turmoil as I hadn't lived with my family in nearly 10 years. 

I threw myself into learning music production. If I couldn't make a band happen (because we couldn't see literally anyone during this time) then I would have to learn how to create music myself. For some reason, I was still on the wavelength of creating electronic rock music and I released "We Are One" and "Renegade" during this time. It was an incredible accomplishment for me to overcome my fear of being a music producer publicly, and although I no longer align with the music, I am grateful it is out in the world. 

Shortly after, I took a trip to British Columbia during a brief period when the lockdowns and travel bans were lifted, to just go SOMEWHERE. Needless to say, spirit knew what it was doing again as I was placed in perfect synchronicity on Saltspring Island, living on a farm with dancers that needed musical performers for their retreat. This was the first time I did improvised singing for a group, and guess what came through? Light language channeling. 

The energy of the group paired with the energies of the land created an activational portal where my gifts came through. And this is what catalyzed me into a career in sound healing. 

Shortly after returning to Ontario, a friend of mine was selling his crystal bowls in prepartion to move to Costa Rica. Everything in my body told me I must try them out (even though I couldn't afford them!) and as soon as I did, I knew that this was my path. 

I was born to channel light language, activating as many people as spirit willed through vocal light code frequencies and sound healing. Since I had learned electronic music production, I paired these skills by incorporating healing soundscapes with my sound journeys. This created a foundation for my voice like no other, allowing the energy of each experience to activate a portal of healing for everyone present. 

After doing this work for 3 years, I have now created two online courses for those wanting to unblock their throat chakra with light language, and those that wish to channel light language in sound healings for others. 

I am currently working on an electronic ecstatic dance album, as this has been my dream for many years, to create a portal of expansion and healing with light, movement, and sound healing frequencies. 

If you have read to this point, I am honoured truly, I often don't read peoples life stories! What I will say as a gift to you dear free soul, is that if you haven't yet found your path, know that you are on it! The universe is always inviting you closer and closer to your highest timeline... sometimes tricking us with moments of pain and suffering along the way to help us see what we are truly worth and capable of. 

Reach out anytime, even if just to say hello and connect! Bless you forever and always... 

Much love, 

-Margo Free 

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